Hungry Shark Evolution strategies & Tips For Newbies

The Hungry Shark series of matches has long been chomping its way via app shops for many years now, although Hungry Shark World lately published, many gamers are still hung up on the previous submission –Hungry Shark Evolution and are looking for a fantastic hungry shark evolution hack for ios, secret, or tip.

Appamatix is here with a whole bunch of secrets, tips, and tricks (no actual hacks, sorry buddies ) that can help you to whip through this game and unlock all of its features in no time in any respect. Hungry Shark Evolution is not a multiplayer game, so the only thing standing in your way is your own skill and a few necessary characteristics that are hard to get early in the game. Then keep reading!

It’s no fantastic surprise that sharks make for good game fodder, and the first name in the series–only branded Hungry Shark–demonstrated that once more. It’s the same rule that has kept sharks popular in movie theaters for years on end–they are mysterious, they are deadly, and because they are the masters of an environment that’s not our very own, they are terrifying!

With Hungry Shark Evolution, we are given much more cartoonish versions of those seas top predators, but it does not keep the game from being equally as fun. Contrary to this, it’s even more fun than any Hungry Shark game before it, and there’s more to do than ever before. You will find far more sharks to unlock, more areas to float in, and much more items to purchase for your cadre of fish.
In the event the Hungry Shark series is guilty of something, it’s of shooting quite a while to change the fundamental principles which created the first game so successful, while still staying true to the principal gameplay mode. You’re still growing. You’re still eating as much as possible so as to keep swimming. In Hungry Shark Evolution, however, the game has shifted to make you want to play the numerous sharks which were added to the game. Missions are divided based on each specific shark, and you’re going to now occasionally face bosses. Cool, right?

“Evolution” remains a core principle of this specific game, and it’s the goal which you will be working towards since you stand up high scores, and collect more coins and gems, and learn how to endure longer with every play session. You can monitor all of your unlocked sharks’ evolution through the game’s menus, which offers an exceptionally enhanced amount of game to play through.

In all that time that you’re bound to invest playing, it’s likely to be helpful to remember a few basic, easy tips which may be used for the entirety of your own experience. The subsequent tricks, secrets, and suggestions are meant to be used by newbies and Hungry Shark veterans alike, so next time you boot up the app for a quick swim, keep them in mind! It is, however, exceptionally imperative that you learn how to look at your map fast and frequently while you’re playing Hungry Shark Evolution. Especially as your shark begins to require more food to keep on swimming, you’re going to want to know how to navigate a specific area (or the way to get into a place you’ve never been, before.)

It can be easy to become caught up in all that swimming and eating, but knowing where you are can keep you going and allow you to find mission objectives (more on this later) that much better! Turn it into a solid Hungry Shark habit.

Handle Your Resources
When monetization is what controls the profit of a game, it always tends to appear in the same manner –advancement is gated by collecting a certain money, which just so happens to be available for purchase with your hard-earned money in an in-app cash store. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however for those people without a great deal of disposable income, it means people need to work harder to keep track of the resources which become available only through playing the game.

Coins and gems are where it’s at in Hungry Shark Evolution, and they control the pace at which you unlock sharks, evolve them, and purchase items for them (including little shark companies, which we will speak about liberally!)

As opposed to dumping all of your resources into a specific shark or particular evolution path, it’s rather smarter to spread out your coins and coins evenly. Your progress through the game (and pleasure you have while playing it) just stand to gain!

Sponsorship Matters!
When starting up Hungry Shark Evolution, you will frequently be tempted into viewing trailers for other games at the guarantee of free gems.

This is not a scam. Go for it! It’s a couple of minutes from your day, and gems are a rather rare commodity as it is. Just don’t become reliant on the earnings, because they’re not always going to be available to you. Likewise you will get bonus gems for”enjoying” the Hungry Shark Evolution page on Facebook, so as long as you don’t mind that specific bit of info showing up in your own news feed, do this as well!

Gold rushes are the ideal way to grab a massive number of things, so when you eventually figure out how to get one (the need changes per kind of shark), go wild! If there’s ever a time to play aggressively, explore, and utilize boosts, it’s while you’re binging on a lot of points from a gold rush.

The tip behind all of this, though, is to be careful while you’re going nuts. I know, right? It sounds contradictory, but I can not even count the amount of times that I’ve been cruising together, just having eyes for items that my shark can eat, and I run smack into something which whittles down my entire life bar in seconds.

Daily Challenges
Many free-to-play app shop games try to help keep you coming back by providing rewards for play. Obviously, they don’t need you to endlessly reap rewards daily (you will have to pay for monetized items in program’s cash shop, for that), however there will always be a set of daily challenge assignments that you tackle that can result in coins and gems.

As long as you know how to finish them efficiently, they are never going to have a lot of time. In addition to this, the bonus gets larger each sequential day that you finish them, starting with 100 coins and construction around 400, prior to resetting.

Growth Points Matter
There aren’t many monies to keep track of at Hungry Shark Evolution, but in addition to coins and gems you also have growth points. These are the gate where you will gain access to additional sharks in the game, and the reason which you would like to keep alive for as long as possible in each and each play session.

You begin the game as an itty-bitty Reef Shark, also while you’re still effective at eating all kinds of items, the deeper ocean will quickly show you that a larger shark will be essential to tackle larger things. After earning 2000 growth points, you will then be permitted to invest 1500 coins to unlock the Mako Shark. The trend climbs and climbs until you closing achieve the pinnacle of shark evolution with the Megalodon.

Baby Onboard
What is the easiest way to generate the dangerous seas feel just a little bit safe? Purchase a baby shark roam around with youpersonally, naturally! Like the principal shark species that you’ll have the ability to play as in the game, baby sharks come in all sorts of unique varieties which become more deadly at the same time that they become more costly.

Purchase one of these little buggers, though, and you will quickly find yourself happy to have that additional set of chompers swimming together as your wingman.

I never expected”boss battles” to be as incredibly fun since they are in Hungry Shark Evolution, but the developers nevertheless was able to pull it off in the form of Giant Enemy Crabs. These difficult creates hang out at the base of the ocean and are really fairly difficult to tackle, but you may do it with almost any sized shark. The tradeoff is you will have a better easier time with a more powerful shark. If you try to tackle it before getting a larger fish, there’s a fantastic chance that you’re likely to get pincered to departure in a single swipe. Yowza.

As soon as you’re feeling brave and strong, choose one of those game’s crab bosses for appropriate rewards!

You won’t get access to”Super Missions” until you’ve finished each of the typical missions for a particular shark, but as soon as you have them, they are a new set of challenges to have that will provide you additional benefits, thereby allowing you another way to accumulate resources.

Depending upon how big shark which you’re taking on the Super Missions for, then you might determine that you’ve already accomplished some of the assignments’ targets already. Tough luck, because you are going to have to do them , under the banner of a Super Mission! The benefits, however, make up for any monotony.