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The images composing this site are not a virtual representation but an actual and true work of art, a dream translated into reality. Everything originates - in 1986 - from an inspiration and, predominantly, from a deep passion for a town - New York - that has led the artist to create a unique masterpiece, the result of 12 years of learned and minute work that duplicates in details the most representative part of the island of Manhattan and the bridges that connect it to the dry-land.

What gives to this work its peculiarity - toghether with the dimensions (20x11,5 meters) dictated by the reproduction scale (1:160) - is the minutia of the details realized with the use of valuable materials such as crystal, forex, metal, wood and even Volterra alabaster and ceramic. The use of these materials gives an astonishing and realistic touch also to the chromatism. The perception of reality is suggested also by two aditional intuitions that give to the creation - different from other similar works - the impression of movement : first, the realization of the building windows using micro-photos, miniaturization of more that 4.000 photos taken by the artist during his visits to the town, instead of simple glass. It is possible to realize the detail only looking from a distance of few inches but the general effect is amazing. Second, the lighting, realized with the use of about 1.140 micro-lamps placed internally the buildings and on the bridges profile, that gives the best idea of the City by Night.

The combination of optical effects and illumination is astonishing : the whole model seems to vibrate, to move confirming a current New Yorker concept that sounds " If you don't move you are removed".

PHOTOS and VIDEOS sections provide an idea but no words can describe the sensations given by a live tour.

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                                      TECHNICAL TERMS
• Scale: 1:160
• Min. lenght: 20 mts
• Min. width: 11,5 mts
• Surface: 230 sq mts (Liberty Island and water surface excluded)
• Height of the tallest building : 291 cms
• Materials : forex, crystal, wood, metal - (Volterra alabaster in St. Patrick cathedral, ceramic in Empire State Building)
• 200 single-piece buildings (skyscrapers, churchs) and several panels with building groups 
• 20 monument sculptures (Statue of Liberty, Rockfeller Center, Atlas, etc..)
• 3 bridges: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens
• 3 tunnels: Lincoln, Queens, Battery Park
• 4 Parks: Battery Park, Civic Center, O.N.U. park and Central Park (partial)
• 4 ships : Queen Elisabeth, Ambrose, Circe Linee, a Tug-boat

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